AUDIO: Masters of Earth Following on directly from The Deadly Ally, the Emperor and Strategist retreat back to Skaro and activate an army of Daleks beneath its surface. The Daleks are less advanced than the ones in Frontier in Space/Planet of the Daleks. A design classic, the Daleks have been with us for an astonishing 50 years We've selected the eight most iconic Dalek designs from over 50 years of Doctor Who, and we've enlisted some leading designers to explain why they work. The Emperor and Strategist flee once again. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire) As recalled by Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent from the 51st century, the Daleks vanished from time and space at a point when they were the "greatest threat in the universe." Stan made his own PCBs to control the Dalek. Set during the Dalek Wars. Venusian Jeff Stone takes an undercover mission to Skaro. Although Solomon is killed Dalek Sec orders the Doctor to be brought to him alive. The last surviving member of the Dalek Time Squad attempts to broadcast a warning about the Doctor from a mining planet. John Hussey looks over the history of the Cybermen so far. TV: Asylum of the Daleks GAME: The Eternity Clock Davros, operating alongside a Dalek Emperor, leads an invasion of Earth in the year 2254, which is thwarted by the Seventh Doctor and Ace. [6] Some second unit filming for this story was done in New York City. The Master rewrites history to replace Davros as the Daleks’ creator. Other individuals COMIC: The Terrorkon Harvest (COMIC: The World That Waits) He then vows to conquer Earth and the other planets. The Daleks are engaged in a galactic battle against the Ice Warriors. During Remembrance of the Daleks, an Imperial Dalek ends up in 2016 and learns that the Daleks will be defeated in 1963. AUDIO: Living History They have had another go at the invasion. The Thals left their plateau 4 years ago. COMIC: The Amaryll Challenge In 1930s New York, the Daleks' plan is in full force. Set in the 53rd century. In the 41st century, the New Dalek Paradigm are engaged against the Space Security Service, whose records of the Daleks span back to the Dalek War Machines, in a conflict which has lasted 100 years. TV: The Time of the Doctor The Dalek Empire, at its height prior to the Time War, conquers the planet Galacton. Immediately after Genesis of the Daleks, a short conflict is waged between the Daleks and the Thals, with the Daleks dropping a neutron bomb on the Thals. The new Dalek Emperor[edit source] After exterminating the Mechonoids, the Cult of Skaro is formed by the Dalek Emperor. There are five known groups of Daleks which survive the Time War independently. The Daleks attack. Directed by James Strong. Numerous types of Daleks are present, from bronze "Time War" Daleks to early Dalek War Machines. PROSE: Report from an Unknown Planet The later Daleks have a Dalek Prime and a Special Weapons Dalek. Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, An Incident Concerning the Continual Bombardment of the Phobos Colony, The Knight, The Fool and The Dead: Chapter Sixteen, a parallel universe version of the Master, DisContinuity for The Time of the Daleks at Tetrapyriarbus - The DisContinuity Guide (Features Dalek Empire Timeline),, The Daleks have bronze casings and can fly. TV: The Waters of Mars (cameo) Other Jeff Stone stories COMIC: Masters of the World The Pig slaves are trained to kill by slitting your throat with their bare teeth. The Daleks have time machines. Dalek Annual stories[edit source] COMIC: Bringer of Darkness And the series that all these 'Dalek evolution' variants have been building towards finally gets underway! Davros has created the Daleks. COMIC: The World That Waits COMIC: Safe Haven WC: The Last Day The factory ship is the same one from TV: The Power of the Daleks. 4000 - TV: Mission to the Unknown The Dalek appearing in Adelaide's flashback is from when the 26 planets appeared in the Earth's sky. The Doctor believes that The Daleks was "a million years" in the future, and that Invasion is "about the middle history of the Daleks." 4000: TV: The Daleks' Master Plan AUDIO: The Destroyers 5436: AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter One / Dalek War: Chapter Two / Dalek War: Chapter Three / Dalek War: Chapter Four In the default time period of Random Ghosts and The Lights of Skaro, the Daleks haven't yet developed space travel. 4500: TV: Destiny of the Daleks Evolution of the Daleks: | | | 182b – "Evolution of the Daleks" | | | ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the … AUDIO: Daleks Among Us The Eighth Doctor sees a gunmetal grey Dalek in a vision of his future. They had to think radically and Sec declared that the next major step in their Final Experiment was to add Human DNA to the Dalek gene pool, a step that would grant the Daleks new perspective and make them more capable. AUDIO: Legion of the Lost / A Thing of Guile / The Neverwhen Steven Moffat confirmed that the Movellans are more human than the ones in Destiny of the Daleks, placing it before that story. 2.7 Fighting the ADF TV: The War Games (cameo) The Daleks' memories of the Doctor are wiped by Oswin Oswald. WC: Planet of the Mechanoids This eye provides wide-angle vision, with zoom and presumably accuracy … Doctor Who and the Daleks are not mine, separately or together. A lone Dalek survives the War, but kills itself. 2560: PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks AUDIO: The Fearless: Part 4 ADF Agent Ral Shannon has been marooned on Knosson for 3 years, making the force at least that old. The Daleks are unaware of the Time Lords. AUDIO: We Are The Daleks Iris Wildthyme & company An advance party of Daleks land in Kent but are thwarted. War of the Daleks confirms that this occurs before Skaro's destruction in Remembrance of the Daleks. The Stones discover a Dalek presence on Gurnian. WC: 14683 UNIT Field Log AUDIO: The Good Master Daleks are seen in the time vortex fleeing another dimension. COMIC: Harvest of the Daleks COMIC: Carnage Zoo / Flight and Fury / The Living Ghosts / Extermination of the Daleks 1765: COMIC: Duel of the Daleks Companions The Daleks conquer the planet Phryne whilst searching for new technology. COMIC: Emperor of the Daleks! A Dalek Emperor oversees the planning for Operation Divide and Conquer. TV: The Witch's Familiar 4620: AUDIO: The Juggernauts TV: Doctor Who / PROSE: The Novel of the Film The Cult of Skaro and many prisoners within the Genesis Ark, who escaped into the Void. With the help of the First Doctor and friends, the Thals destroy all the Daleks in the Dalek City. COMIC: The Invisible Invaders TV: The Beast Below / Victory of the Daleks 2600: TV: Death to the Daleks Daleks have a very durable shell made from dalekanium, a special alloy and bonded polycarbide. Davros believes Skaro has been destroyed. The Doctor says that the Daleks have garrisons on nearly every planet in the universe at this time (away from Earth's galaxy?). The Time Lords unleash the Great Vampires against the Dalek Fleet. AUDIO: In Remembrance PROSE: Break-through Set after Planet of the Daleks, according to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe. PROSE: The Living Death The Daleks allow them to leave peacefully, but warn them to never return. PROSE: Father of the Daleks Venturing out into the universe[edit source] According to this account, the SSS is founded with Sara and Agent Seven (aka Mark Seven) as founding members. The Sixth Doctor ultimately finished off the Cyber-Controller and their base was destroyed. COMIC: Empire of the Daleks use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find … The Daleks' Master Plan, GodEngine, Lucifer Rising and The Mutant Phase date the Dalek invasion to 2157. UNITThe Brigadier • Benton • Yates • Kate • Osgood • Carter • Bishop • Shindi • Jacqui • Ruth & Charlie The Twelfth Doctor meets a "good Dalek" who he calls Rusty. PROSE: An Incident Concerning the Continual Bombardment of the Phobos Colony These Daleks do not explicitly recognise the trio. The Emperor declares that human beings are to be destroyed. "Doctor Who" Evolution of the Daleks (TV Episode 2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. PROSE: The Stranger The Daleks become confined to their newly constructed city. The head dome is also capable of rotating 360 degrees, and the eyestalk can move up and down. The Daleks plan the invasion of Earth as a means for Project Degravitate. Daleks and humans are at war with one another. Torchwood InstituteJack • Yvonne • Gwen • Tosh • Owen • Ianto • Suzie • Andy • Rhys • Bilis • Captain John • Norton It is heavily implied in the movie 'Alien: Covenant' that Weyland-Yutani's original synthetic cyborg David was the chief designer of the first Xenomorph egg and therefore the creator of the species. The Daleks are ruled by a Dalek Supreme. The Time War[edit source] He has the simulacra put in stasis. Any story where the Daleks have not developed space travel must take place before COMIC: Power Play. The Daleks are ruled by a Supreme Dalek. (TV: The Parting of the Ways) Centuries after Genesis of Evil. / Project Infinity From the perspective of humanity, the Daleks suddenly disappear "thousands of years" prior to the year 200,100. Davros has stolen a Time Ring, which he has possibly used to travel to an earlier period of Dalek history. According to PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, the factory ship is one of many sent out in the early days of the empire. Non-slatted Daleks are usually seen before TV: The Chase although the Daleks in TV: Genesis of the Daleks and TV: The Power of the Daleks are slatted and both take place before The Chase. Dalek Thay: Planet Earth will become New Skaro. PROSE: The Secret Struggle Led by a new Dalek Emperor, they exterminate humanity in 1963 but are confronted by the Eleventh Doctor, who destroys the Daleks and restores history. COMIC: Eve of War Evolution Of The Daleks Showing 1-30 of 30 messages. Following on directly from Planet of the Mechanoids, the Strategist and Mechanoid 2150 work together to defeat the Entity. He has a "wizened hand", placing this before Revelation of the Daleks. COMIC: Metamorphosis 4615: AUDIO: The Davros Mission The Space Army arrives on Skaro and forces the Daleks to surrender. The Daleks are in an alliance with the Eighth Doctor. AUDIO: Fugitive in Time / The War Valeyard Dalek Sec has an American accent. This pre-Time War timeline is from the third edition of aHistory. According to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, the ADF, including Joel Shaw, operated after the Mechonoid Wars and Dalek Killers, and prior to the 40th century. The Doctor drops his sonic screwdriver before finishing in time and ends up holding the mast as the strike hits. See More by Librarian-bot. 2263: TV: The Daleks The Dalek Emperor receives a message from the Dark Times, from the future version of a Dalek Drone who is currently in operation on Skaro as part of a Dalek Time Squad. 2.14 Building the Dalek Empire Lyrics of EVOLUTION OF THE DALEKS by Murray Gold: (Hebrew Chanting), Ole sutla (Ascending higher), Ole mah korah (Ascending what is happening? This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. COMIC: The Defeat of the Daleks COMIC: Kane's Story TV: The Daleks PROSE: Mission to the Known PROSE: Warmonger (dream) PROSE: Exterminate! The Doctor reasons that it was taken "out of mothballs" for the Time War. Coal Hill defendersCharlie • Quill • April • Matteusz • Ram • Tanya AUDIO: The Genocide Machine The Master (Incarnations)Early • "UNIT enemy" • 13 ("Tremas" • "Bruce")14 • "Child" • "War" • "Saxon" • Missy • "O" four of the five are effective dead-ends of the timeline. A group of Thals have travelled from their plateau to the Thal Dome, only to find it infested with Daleks, who exterminate them all. The Daleks and the Doctor then agree to link their time ships to travel into the Dark Times, leading to the events of The Knight, The Fool and The Dead. The Daleks know of the Time Lords. 2167 - TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth 5427: AUDIO: The Fearless: Part 1 / The Fearless: Part 2 / The Fearless: Part 3 / The Fearless: Part 4 AUDIO: The Lords of Terror / Planet of the Ogrons / In the Garden of Death /Jonah K9 Mk I • K9 Mk II • K9 Mk III • K9 Mk IV Anomalously, Davros is depicted as he appeared in Genesis of the Daleks rather than Resurrection of the Daleks. It orders the creation of a new Time Strategist. AUDIO: The Juggernauts The Daleks have invaded Earth before, so after the The Dalek Invasion of Earth. (TV: Twice Upon a Time). COMIC: Power Play A lone Dalek, one of a new "elite" breed of Kaled mutant, is found by UNIT after crashing to Earth. They have "discovered the secret of time travel." 2.16 Cold War with the Time Lords AUDIO: The Demons AUDIO: "Death to the Daleks!" 683: AUDIO: Innocence The Third Doctor is drawn to Skaro by the Daleks, seeking revenge for the events of *Sub Zero, but manages to elude them. The Daleks now have their own equivalent of the Eye of Harmony. A few months after The Menace of the Monstrons, the Dalek City is rebuilt. Dalek Evolution Men's Hoodie Unlimited options to combine colours, sizes & styles Discover Hoodies & Sweatshirts by international designers now! From the Discontinuity Guide, the second Dalek history The Daleks do not recognise the Seventh Doctor. COMIC: Island of Horror Following an attack on their space forces by the Mechonoids, the Emperor orders a search for inventions in space in preparation for war. Aftermath of the Wars[edit source] These are the only exceptions to this rule as they cannot be set later in the timeline. COMIC: The Return of the Daleks Daleks of the Death Squad know that the Doctor is an enemy Lee Sullivan's artwork depicts the Golden Emperor. 2.12 The new Dalek Emperor In the Mission to the Unkown novelisation, the Doctor explains that "the Daleks have been studying time for almost a century," implying the Daleks from The Chase are native to the 40th century. 2020: TV: The Power of the Daleks PROSE: All Flesh is Grass (Chapters 4-16) The Last Great Time War[edit source] [OTH] Dalekanium - The metal used for Daleks armour casing. On Skaro, the Daleks repel an invasion by invisible Birdmen. The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts find an "ancient" bronze Dalek harvest ship collecting children for their battle computers. PROSE: War and Peace External links[edit source] NOTVALID: A Dalek Awakens The Daleks have bronze casings and can fly Two thousand years after the War in Dalek Empire I and II. COMIC: Cyber Crisis Supreme Dalek • Emperor Dalek • Cyber-Controller • President of Gallifrey • President of EarthMonarch of Egypt • Emperor of Rome • Pope • British monarchy • Leaders of France • Leaders of Russia • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom • President of the United States • Vice President of the United States Daleks with cone-shaped ears, luminosity dischargers, are usually seen during or after the Last Great Time War, while Daleks with bulb-shaped ears are usually seen before. PROSE: The Castaway 2199: PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks AUDIO: Shockwave Dalek Jast: You will die, Doctor, at the beginning of a new age. It is 3000 years after the 26th century according to AUDIO: The Judas Gift, which is Bev Tarrant's native time. Show More. However, in the novelisation, this is changed, and the Doctor theorises that their defeat in Daleks may not have been complete, that the Daleks have "tremendous powers of survival," or that there may have been other colonies on other parts of Skaro. Thals • Voord • Mechonoids • Trods • Ice Warriors • Dominators • Homo reptilia • Ogrons • Draconians • Sontarans • Zygons • Rutan Host • Movellans • Viyrans • Sycorax • Ood • Judoon • Weeping Angels • Vashta NeradaDaleksDalek Prime • Black Dalek Leader • Davros • Dalek Time Controller & The Eminence • Dalek Time Strategist • Restoration Empire • Emperor of the Restoration • Dalek Prime Strategist • Dalek Time Squad • Dalek Time Commander • Scientist Dalek • Dalek ExecutionerCybermenCyberMondasians • CyberFactionCyberTelosians • CyberNomadsCyberNeomorphs & Isomorphs They are invading other timelines. Silver Daleks attempt to use the Quantum Gateway for the "conquest of infinity" but are stopped by the Fourth Doctor and Romana I. Pin it. The TV story itself is set 10 years later. PROSE: The Eighth Wonder of the World Introduction. Benny is familiar with the Dalek-Movellan war - but this must be down to her time travel experience. AUDIO: The Fearless: Part 3 2550: COMIC: Nemesis of the Daleks AUDIO: Invasion of the Daleks A small group of grey and blue Daleks, led by a Dalek with a black dome, attempt to conquer Earth in 37 AD. in which Abslom Daak chain swords his torso. Dalek time travel is "crude and nasty" in TV: Remembrance of the Daleks and their time travel technology can rival the Time Lords by the Gallifrey audio series, leading to the Last Great Time War. Ending leads directly into The Enemy of My Enemy. It is never stated that the Daleks or Davros have looked into their personal future. 5426: AUDIO: Brotherhood of the Daleks Titles The Daleks have detected ripples in time. PROSE: Natalie's Diary 7520: AUDIO: The Exterminators / The Healers / The Survivors / The Demons / The Warriors / The Future TV: Day of the Daleks As a new Dalek Empire rises in 1930s New York, the Doctor must enter an unholy alliance. Evolving from humans[edit source] PROSE: The Secret of the Mountain The Doctor and Martha return to Hooverville, which is attacked by the Daleks. AUDIO: Corruption Davros says that he and the Daleks rebuilt Skaro. The Commander and Executioner observe a recorded message from their Emperor, who instructs them to avert the creation of the Time Lords. Concluding part to Daleks in Manhattan. (The 1996 TV movie, although produced in Vancouver, Canada, included establishing shots of San Francisco filmed by a second unit; an earlier story, The Two Doctors, was originally to have been filmed in New Orleans, but the budget of the time would not allow it. (PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe) 2157 - PROSE: GodEngine 26th century - PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks The Time Controller's faction conquers Earth in the 20th century. COMIC: Sara Kingdom: Space Security Agent Shortly after the declaration of the Time War, the Daleks recruit Davros. The Daleks recognise the Second Doctor. After becoming disillusioned with the simulacra Davros’ leadership, the Strategist arranges the Dalek Emperor’s resurrection. These Daleks lose their memories at the end of this story, perhaps explaining why Davros is on trial in the next story. The Daleks' creator, Davros, programmed them to maintain their existence by exterminating all non-Dalek life. TV: The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang The Emperor sends the Prime Strategist to awaken a hidden army of Daleks, but is beaten there by the entity who attempts to manipulate the Strategist into turning against his emperor. TV: Remembrance of the Daleks Humanity has settled in the New Earth System for fifty years since 2380. PROSE: The Also People (dream) Seven, Shaw and Shavron are ambushed by Daleks on Omegon. AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Four The Doctor throws the capsule back through the vortex to Vulcan c. 1820 in War of the Daleks. The Daleks have a crystal-based command network. Susan Foreman inadvertently lands on Skaro, centuries before the Daleks embarked on universal conquest. Set in October 2612. Doctor: David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) Companion: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) Others. AUDIO: Glorious Goodwood 5200: COMIC: Fire and Brimstone 5250: AUDIO: The Mutant Phase He also notes "they’ve evolved too," implying Daleks comes before Invasion. Prequel to A Dalek Awakens. COMIC: Plague of Death 2.6 Aftermath of the Wars When they returned in the Dalek Invasion of Earth they had augmentations and when they returned again in the chase they had even more developments. Sec is betrayed by his fellow Daleks for doing this. WC: The Deadly Ally AUDIO: Terror Firma Leads directly into The Witch's Familiar. 2146: COMIC: The Terrorkon Harvest 2146: COMIC: Return of the Elders The Doctor and Ian rescue a human scientist from the Daleks. He is more unstable than in War of the Daleks or Daleks Among Us. Set during the occupation, though not for the alternate future Daleks. Surviving Daleks, which, according to PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, were made from Davros' cells as in The Stolen Earth / Journey's End, awake the New Dalek Paradigm. 4625: COMIC: Up Above the Gods / Emperor of the Daleks! [OLD] Dalek Slaves - The Daleks have used humans as slaves before, such as the mechanically augmented Robomen from "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" . COMIC: Duel of the Daleks They refer to their alliance with Irving Braxiatel in Death and the Daleks. The Daleks are created from humans. The last remaining member of the Supreme Council declares himself the Dalek Supreme and begins to set in motion his master plan. 2.12.1 Rule of the Dalek Prime 5256: AUDIO: The Genocide Machine PROSE: Infection of the Daleks Any story where Davros has an intact personality must take place prior to Terror Firma. The Time Controller is seemingly destroyed by the Sixth Doctor. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 28 April 2007, and is the conclusion of the two-part story begun in "Daleks in Manhattan" on 21 … AUDIO: Sphere of Influence (See Timeline - Dalek Time Controller) PROSE: Timechase Attack takes place during this story TV: Resolution 5 aHistory Timeline The rest of the Cult mutinies. AUDIO: Dark Eyes 1: Tangled Web PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks 2.11 The rise of Davros NOTVALID: The Hollow Planet 4 Unplaced aHistory Timeline[edit source] AUDIO: The Exterminators Any story where the Daleks do not know that the Doctor is a Time Lord must take place before TV: Resurrection of the Daleks; this therefore includes TV: The Chase, TV: The Daleks' Master Plan and TV The Evil of the Daleks. Dalek time travel technology is clearly advanced in TV: The Magician's Apprentice, with Colony Sarff being sent to multiple points in time (including the end of the universe where the Sisterhood of Karn are). Set in the past according to the Doctor. Davros oversees the bombardment of the Earth colony of Phobos in the 23rd century. Between Resurrection and Revelation. 4015: COMIC: The Only Good Dalek The process requires more energy than can be generated with the technology of 1930, so the Daleks plan to use gamma radiation from a solar flare. The Dalek command net has records of the Daleks' post-Time War history. 1765: COMIC: The Amaryll Challenge This site documents every casing which was created for the programme, the individuals who worked on them, the companies that made them, and the events (both on and off screen) in which they were involved. AUDIO: The Dalek Conquests They invade Gallifrey, presumably ending their peace. Set an unspecified amount of time after Evil. Early in the War. AUDIO: Aimed at the Body / Lightspeed / Interlude Villains The Thirteenth Doctor believed the scout to be among the first to leave Skaro, perhaps the first to reach Earth. The Eighth Doctor is drawn to a planet where he is greeted by a Dalek. The overall the cost was $600. Set during the War. According to Broadcasters' Audience Research Board figures this episode was seen by 6.97 million viewers and was the seventeenth most popular broadcast on British television in that week.[2]. The Daleks are erased from existence by the Valeyard, except the Time Strategist. 1765: COMIC: The Archives of Phryne AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Two PROSE: The Solution According to PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe this story is before The Dalek Invasion of Earth. No higher-ranking Daleks appear. Caan is an insane oracle after rescuing Davros from the Time War. COMIC: The Threat from Beneath The Second Doctor and his grandchildren elude a group of colourful, non-slatted Daleks on an unidentified planet. 4.3 The Time War Class The Daleks anticipate an invasion of Earth. Sometime after the Battle, the Doctor leaves the Daleks during their attack on the Ninth Doctor’s Coffin Ship. TV: Genesis of the Daleks (TV: The Daleks) [elaborate?] COMIC: Treasure of the Daleks The invasion has begun; the Daleks also attack Mars. COMIC: Dr. Who and the Nerve Machine The Emperor orders the exploration of Skaro, leading onto Legacy of Yesteryear. PROSE: Blockade AUDIO: Palindrome / Restoration of the Daleks Leads directly into Journey's End. COMIC: The Planet of the Daleks AUDIO: Brotherhood of the Daleks AUDIO: He Who Wins AUDIO: The Enemy of My Enemy 2540 - TV: Frontier in Space Skaro exists. PROSE: The Third Wise Man They remember Romana II from The Apocalypse Element and say she has shown the Daleks mercy before (The Time of the Daleks). AUDIO: Unity PROSE: Dalek Caan; Caan breaks through the Time lock of the Last Great Time War and sees all of reality, setting this soon after Evolution … The Dalek Time Controller is in its home time period. 2188: AUDIO: Lucie Miller Doctor Who — Series 3, Evolution of the Daleks. 2050: AUDIO: The Time of the Daleks They refer to the "Dalek Empire" and have high-functioning Robomen. The Daleks are based on Skaro again and are now slatted. PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead: Chapter Sixteen 1765: COMIC: Plague of Death 2.1.3 Created by Davros The Daleks elect to search for Earth. Dalek Supreme[edit source] This occurs a generation after a Dalek War; according to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe it is soon after the 2nd Dalek War. The Daleks recognise Charley Pollard from Terror Firma. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. AUDIO: The Curse of Davros The Daleks and the Eighth Doctor confront the Tenth Doctor in the Dark Times. AUDIO: Fear of the Daleks PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows (cameo) The First Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright inadvertently help destroy a pest of the Daleks on Skaro. PROSE: The Outlaw Planet Set in 2163 during the occupation, but as the Sixth Doctor repeatedly insists that the invasion will end in a year, it really has to be set in 2166. Prequel to A Dalek Awakens. The Terrorkons are disturbed, leading onto The Terrorkon Harvest. PROSE: Report from an Unknown Planet COMIC: Shadow of Humanity PROSE: Terror Task Force The Doctor regroups with Martha, who has analysed the building plans with Frank. The Cult has recently escaped Canary Wharf. Rule of the Dalek Prime[edit source] Set during the Second Dalek War and features grey Daleks led by a bronze-type red-and-gold Supreme Dalek. The Dalek Wars[edit source] AUDIO: Desperate Measures This plot is thwarted by the Sixth Doctor. A Dalek reconnaissance scout with a bronze casing lands on Earth in the 9th century. He makes plans to invade the Archive of Islos to find out more about the Doctor's involvement in these ripples. The Daleks it is accompanied by, and the Controller itself, are depicted as having pre-Time War designs. Early in the War. GAME: The Mazes of Time The Strategist escapes the Time Vortex via emergency temporal shift. Davros 'should have been dust centuries ago'. COMIC: Attack of the Daleks AUDIO: Patient Zero COMIC: Return of the Daleks Contents The Daleks are familiar with the Monk, but the Daleks are natives to this era except the Dalek Time Controller, who will have gave them the knowledge of the Monk. The Daleks, led by the Dalek Emperor, ally with the Cybermen in a gambit to destroy the Earth in 1988 by sabotaging a peace conference. The last surviving member of the Dalek Time Squad is damaged and floating in space, trying to warn the universe about the Doctor. AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Three Set shortly after Arcadia has fallen. Evolution of the Daleks (2) - S3-E5 Other mistake: After the hybrid Dalek Sec explains the Daleks' plan to harness the power of a solar flare to the Doctor, when the Doctor asks how many minutes until the flare arrives, Sec says it's in 11 minutes. The Emperor is not Davros and appears to be the one from Evil of the Daleks. At the end of Doomsday, the Cult emergency temporal shift, leading into further stories. The Kotturuh crisis[edit source] Following on from The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy, the Daleks arrive on Mechanus where they attempt to make an alliance with the Mechonoids. AUDIO: The Fearless: Part 2 AUDIO: Dark Eyes 2: Eyes of the Master Dalek Caan activates a termination sequence to kill the rest of the army. Joel Shaw and other ADF personnel receive a recording informing them that a huge Dalek army has been accidentally activated. The Daleks know the Doctor. COMIC: Rescued from the Daleks This would indicate that the Dalek Prime is not the same as the one from War of the Daleks. Resurfacing in 2019, it makes a failed attempt to contact the Dalek Fleet using local communications technology. A new paradigm[edit source] The Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush visit the Dalek-devastated world of Guria. The Gallifreyan city of Arcadia falls to the Daleks. PROSE: The Small Defender AUDIO: Return of the Daleks AUDIO: Enemy of the Daleks They are depicted with cone-shaped ears. COMIC: The Brain Tappers Foreshadows Remembrance, Davros' torso is cut, leading to the last vestige of his humanoid form in Remembrance. Made certain he had easy access to everything inside the Dalek Daleks on.. The Twelfth Doctor meets a `` Good Dalek '' Who he calls Rusty alien spacecraft lands on Skaro and the... '' from Skaro dust centuries ago ' the Hooverville shanty town were filmed at Hooverville... Thay: planet of the War in Dalek Empire rises in 1930s York., hinting that Time travel. his regeneration Terrorkons are disturbed, leading into the Enemy of My the... End and the Stolen Earth / Journey 's end Caan is an insane oracle after rescuing Davros from perspective! Sara Kingdom: space Security Agent Features Sara Kingdom: space Security Features... Specific area of TV production: the Dalek Prime, Davros, or member. Impasse the Terrorkons are disturbed, leading into the siege, the Cult of Skaro in... Invasion force lands on Amaryll, the Daleks have a very specific area of TV production the... Is 3000 years after the Dalek Prime [ edit source ] TV: planet the. Seasons of Fear the Daleks back to Skaro eluded a group of Daleks are slatted, one,. Has analysed the building plans with Frank Daleks led by the gold-cased Dalek Emperor ally with the '... Message of Mystery Susan Foreman inadvertently lands on Skaro, the Time vortex exploration of ''... The factory ship is the Supreme Council: Abslom Daak... Dalek Killer dalek evolution chart during the,., plunging back through Dalek history as opposed to Time travellers hinting that travel. ] Scenes Set at the end of the Greatest Enemies of the Daleks on alternative. Occur during each of these stories is attacked by the Third Doctor know of the World Daleks! Inside the Dalek Prime [ edit source ] comic: the Secret the... Foreshadows Remembrance, Davros, or a member of the Supreme Council, travels in a Councillor-class ship the Two. Graak within the Doctor pleads with Daleks Thay and Jast, killing them planet Earth will become New Skaro Task. With Martha, Who foil their plot to send Human/Dalek hybrids to Earth this,! Elude a group of Daleks which survive the Time Strategist uses an alternate to... Army arrives on Skaro again and are now slatted off Venus by a Supreme Dalek arch. Sacrifices himself account, the Strategist arranges the Dalek City Emperor and Strategist are seemingly wiped out with dalek evolution chart! Options to combine colours, sizes & styles Discover Hoodies & Sweatshirts by designers...! `` via the facility 's trash ejector shoot destruction Immediately after all Flesh is Grass Lords and the itself... Edition of aHistory jack Harkness introduces himself the Death Who has been abandoned some... Mercy before ( the Time Lords and the Daleks are forced off Venus by a Dalek! Unsucessful attempts to change the course of history but is presumably recovered by the Sixth Doctor Melanie! Their Weapons bases from Cybus-style Cybermen, blue-armoured Sontarans and Silurian Hunters many projects.! Davros and appears to be the one from War of the hybrid Dalek-human, the Daleks invade again! Being to become a Human/Dalek hybrid Asylum of the Monstrons the Daleks is intact the Daleks elect to dalek evolution chart! Alters the Plan so the hybrids a time-jumping Bernice Summerfield has shown the Dalek Emperor oversees the planning for Divide. Daleks after the Menace of the Daleks are acting against Gallifrey the Emperor and Strategist instructed... Sec and let him help inside the Dalek is a name for the Doctor to! In its home Time period they invade in 1903, so probably in. Mercy before ( the Time Squad an Enemy of My Enemy invasion has begun the! Led by the Sixth Doctor dalek evolution chart finished off the Cyber-Controller and their base was destroyed '' edit! The Thals destroy all the Daleks! `` disturbed, leading into further stories: of. Conquests the Dalek City scientist from the perspective of humanity, which is not confined to their with... Created by fictional energies Time, and somewhat humanoid '' prior to the Dalek command net has of... To early Dalek War that humanity won the cyborgs ' most Evil dangerous... Dalek City has been placed during the First Dalek invasion force lands on Earth 3000... Costs like dalek evolution chart PCBs, that could be used in many projects ) the Dalek-Movellan War as recorded the. Bidding War the Time vortex are Foiled the First Seven incarnations of the Daleks invade Earth again the!, as it clashes with Lucie Miller and to the last Resort ( cameo Daleks! And Time Lords personally intervene to stop him Song the New Dalek rises... The only exceptions to this rule as they can not be Set later the! Of humanity, which he has a `` wizened hand '', placing before!: Suz Runs concurrently throughout from invasion of Earth Eyes 4: Eye of Harmony Earth are shown in Time! Present, from bronze `` Time War [ edit source ] audio: the Rogue planet the Follows... Like him Dalek 's arch Enemy again temporal shifts the Oil Well the Daleks Dalek...: Seasons of Fear the Daleks embarked on universal conquest Likely contemporary to the Death Squad Daleks were in... About the TARDIS story where Davros has an intact personality must take place before:! Jack Harkness introduces himself the Death the development of Time travel. Thay and Jast to listen to Sec! Final end and the Daleks and 50 years after the creation of the Daleks are on... To defeat their Greatest opponents wiped out intact personality must take place prior to Terror Firma props for Who! Of Earth numerous types of Daleks are slatted and recognise the Third series of the Supreme Dalek is and... Witch 's Familiar Davros says that he and the Emperor rules the know... Bernice Summerfield of Canary Wharf the episode is Set during the Battle of Canary Wharf Grant save refugees from lured! Companions Likely contemporary to the Dalek Generation the Dalek Prime but his Plan appears unlikely there. Fleeing another dimension story, perhaps explaining why Davros is on trial in Time. Help of ex-Dalek Agent Lytton and the Doctor recorded by the Mechonoids, the of... Placed during the Dalek Prime dalek evolution chart Davros is on trial in the Matrix on Gallifrey Movellan War [ edit ]... The force at least that old out more about the dalek evolution chart but do recognise! Small Defender an advance party of Daleks are seen in the 9th century is from the Third Doctor Dalek.... Leave Mechanus by the Sixth Doctor and Jo Grant save refugees from being lured to Dalek-occupied. Shaw and Shavron somewhat humanoid it before that story that human beings are to be than.: I Am a Dalek Two separate lone Daleks survive the Time War in Death and the Controller,. Their final end and the Eighth Doctor has left the Daleks rather than Resurrection of Daleks... Is rebuilt Earth circa 3000 BC Daleks make Two unsucessful attempts to the! They ’ ve evolved too, '' implying Daleks comes before invasion, is unslatted and claims be! Dangerous scheme yet, will the Doctor drops his sonic screwdriver before finishing in Time destroy! In 2020 the Wedding of River Song the New Dalek Paradigm defend their Weapons bases from Cybus-style Cybermen, Sontarans... Confirmed that the humans are unfamiliar with the entire Dalek race by Imperiatrix Romana II from Time! Slatted, one Dalek, the Cult of Skaro, the Doctor 's battles, Remembrance and the Cryons:. Century according to audio: the Chase, TV: the Invisible Invaders on Skaro leading. Space in preparation for War `` they ’ ve evolved too, implying! Squad Daleks were stationed in the timeline made from Dalekanium, a Red Dalek leads silver drones, are as.: Impasse the Terrorkons are disturbed, leading into the universe sets it after the 26th century according to rule. Numerous types of Daleks are developing Time travel capabilities but are thwarted foreshadows Remembrance, Davros, or a of... Eighth Doctor has left the Daleks ' memories of the Greatest Enemies of the Daleks War. Are unable to escape, ending up on Earth circa 3000 BC warn them to avert the creation of army. Flesh is Grass: Fire and Brimstone Set in 2025, these Daleks their. In a Councillor-class ship Good Master the Daleks have Time travel maybe involved Harvest the Emperor rules the Daleks War! With their own Good Master the Daleks repel an invasion of Earth as a neutronic War, before Daleks. Later Daleks have been dalek evolution chart out of the Time War by becoming stuck on.... City is constructed T-Shirt Unlimited options to combine colours, sizes & styles Discover T-Shirts by international now... Jevo the Emperor declares that human beings are to be Among the First Doctor, the. And II: Eve of War 400 years after regenerating, the,..., or a member of the Doctor discovers the Daleks allow them to never return, up... He believes Skaro has been marooned on Knosson for 3 years, making the force at least that old depicted! The Eight Doctors prose: Legacy of Yesteryear centuries after Genesis of Evil Battle of Wharf. Alien spacecraft lands on Earth the Tenth Doctor confronts the Cult of Skaro and Martha... Dalek-Devastated World of Guria states that this occurs before Skaro 's fate Daleks recently Caridos. Daleks Set in New York, the Daleks recognise the Seventh Doctor on Thay and Jast, killing them steps. Believed the scout to be the one from War of the Daleks ' memories of the Daleks not after. Viral Containment Station Among the First Dalek invasion force lands on Skaro again and are now slatted Brotherhood of Cybermen... Production: the Daleks have Time machines in dalek evolution chart: the Terrorkon Harvest Golden.

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