I haven't seen you since you were nine years old. The business is listed as having 1-15 employees with revenue in the 500k to 1 mill range . People Keep Trolling This News Channel With Simpsons Quotes And It's Hilarious ... RIP, Frank Grimes. Heh, if you lived in any other country in the world, you'd have starved to death long ago. Special Edna. Meaning of frank grimes. This long-running animated comedy focuses on the eponymous family in the town of Springfield in an unnamed U.S. state. Grimes was said to be unmarried, but he happened to have a son named Frank Grimes, Jr. who was born as a result of one of Grimes' visits to an unnamed hooker. Clearly having lost his mind, Grimes ran through the plant, psychotically impersonating Homer in a mocking fashion, and ultimately spotted some high-voltage power cables, saying, "What's this? Franklin "Frank" A. Grimes, Sr., or "Grimey", (born 1962) (died May 4, 1997) was an employee of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and the self-declared enemy of Homer Simpson. The Simpsons (1989) - S08E23 Comedy - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. He was buried alive and, upon waking up, learned to meditate in his coffin. However, Homer seems to have trouble remembering that "Grimey" is not still alive and well; as he asked Junior, "How is old Grimey anyway? The demise of Frank Grimes? Grimes and Musk met all the way back in 2018 on the social media platform Twitter. Despite his animosity towards Homer, Grimes held no grudge against the rest of the Simpson family; as he stormed out of their house, he briefly turned back and politely said that it was nice meeting them before leaving. In an edition of "Kent's People", Kent Brockman tells the story of Frank Grimes, a man who "had to struggle for everything he got in life." Karolyn Grimes (born July 4, 1940) is an American actress. Apr 6, 2019 - Explore Tina Davis's board "Walking dead quotes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about simpsons characters, simpson, the simpsons. Forgetting any admiration for Grimes, Burns awarded the position to the dog and assigned Grimes to work in Sector 7-G with Homer Simpson. ... Frank Grimes. Frank Grimes funeral "Frank Grimes, or Grimy as he liked to be called, taught us that a man can triumph over adversity. Grimes: Well, uh, technically it is true, sir, but... Mr. Burns: (coldly) Come with me. If he was 35 years old when he died in 1997, he could have been born in 1962. Past his breaking point, Grimes snaps and runs about the plant mimicking Homer’s careless behavior, ending with him grasping electrical cords without safety gloves, resulting in his demise. However, after being tricked alongside the others into dancing, Maggie decapitates all of them. William S. Burroughs. Frank Grimes attempted to invoke this trope on Homer by having him join a nuclear power plant model-creating contest (intended for children) with the intention of having him lose, thus exposing him as a fraud. Frank Grimes Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Team Ups Voice Compare Voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings Coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums. Permalink: ... Morgan Grimes. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/a20406418/who-is-grimes Pablo Adan. Frank Grimes: [Referring to the Simpson's house, speechless] Good Heavens! Just don't put me in one, son. Hank Azaria. Grimes as he grabs the high voltage wires. However, the common thing Frank and Homer have is they both have anger issues. Hank Azaria. We truly appreciate your support. Thanks for your vote! Remember me as I am… filled with murderous rage! 'Well, according to your background check, you've been in a mental institution.' She is best known for her role as Zuzu Bailey in the classic 1946 Frank Capra film It's a Wonderful Life. Frank Grimes is the prototypical television interloper, the kind of character who drops into a long-running program to challenge our perception of the show’s status quo—and maybe even represent how members of the audience would react if we had to deal with someone like Homer Simpson on a day-to-day basis. Bart : He's got you there, dad. Homer: (points at Grimes) He did. 4 His gravestone has been shown with several different inscriptions: He prepared himself a "special dietetic lunch" each day (which Homer ate). It also served to show how above-average Homer's life really was despite being portrayed as the 'every man'. - Homer after almost drinking a beaker full of sulphuric acid It's never revealed what he was doing in the silo, or how it exploded. Ha! Information and translations of frank grimes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. We thoughtfully gather quotes from our favorite books, both classic and current, and choose the ones that are most thought-provoking. 42 quotes from Nikki Grimes: 'Choose whatever box you like, Mike. ... ― Frank Zappa And what do I have to show for it? Tags: Quote Quiz, Show Quiz, The Simpsons Quiz, TV Show Quiz, Enemy, frank, grime, Homer, Homer Simpson, rant, Simpson Characters, TV Quotes Top Quizzes Today SNL - … Your hospital's under new management now! In Simpsons Comics 211, Homer passes by Frank Grimes at the power plant. There, he’s baffled to discover how inept Homer is. Don't you realize how close you just came to killing yourself? Jun 21, 2015 - Explore Dan Gerstein's board "Simpsons - Characters" on Pinterest. But for "Grimey" (as Homer refers to him throughout the episode), the trope is … Frank Grimes: [Referring to the Simpson's house, speechless] Good Heavens! Grimes is amazed and aghast at Homer's bad manners and general irresponsibility. Frank Grimes was a hard worker with perpetual bad luck. How do you do, Children? Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. This is a palace! Hank Azaria. His recovery was long and painful. 2: Have a Breakdown 600 150 12h Brown House: A Sign of the Grimes Pt. Sex ... John, I need to be frank with you. She once told journalists that she drew inspiration from the artist Ken Grimes. Nuclear Power Plant employee (Sector 7-G) (formerly) It is never explained, but Grimes is alive and well, possibly continuing his story from The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Frank's Tapped Out artwork The fact that Grimes was supposed to be seen as a regular, real-life person thrown into the insane world of The Simpsons failed precisely because he did not come across as a regular person. HOMER Check. "Acid eh? Please be more careful in the future. Welcome to our 600th Episode. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/a20406418/who-is-grimes Frank Grimes: Will nobody stop these people? Parkbenches are commonly found on all make of chaviots and pre-1995 Civics, Integras, Eclipses, and Accords (lowered). Grimes holds an integrated Masters's degree in Physics (MPhys), and is a Chartered Physicist (CPhys). Back when Grimes was first making a name for herself, she explained the origin of how she got her name. He was abandoned by his family at the tender young age of four, and never went to school. TV Show: The Simpsons Franchise: Simpsons. Get on your knees! “Frank Grimes is an iconic episode and I retroactively don’t mind being accidentally named after it.” Some of her other interests include watching UFC fights, anime (which can be seen in the cover art she always creates herself) and her musical tastes range from Post Malone and Mariah Carey, all … Karolyn Grimes (born July 4, 1940) is an American actress. (Mr. Burns, walking by, notices the damaged wall) Mr. Burns: Who did this to my wall? Love Nature Learning. Frank Grimes wasn’t married. She said she was too embarrassed to explain its origin. In the opening sequence, Frank's ghost joins Sideshow Bob's army of the Simpsons' enemies along with Kang and the Leprechaun. Here’s to alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems. We are in a fight. Mrs. Krabappel: Now, the topic for your research paper will be World War I. Bart: Was that the war with Hitler or Merlin? In "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday", it's revealed that Grimes was sent a Val-U-Qual coupon book before his death. In "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story," the tombstone is one of the items that Mr. Burns collects on a scavenger hunt. "You... you want to be friends? Join Facebook to connect with Frank Grimes and others you may know. 0 of 6. Frank Grimes appears in Treehouse of Horror XXVII. In "Looking for Mr. Goodbart," a Peekimon Get creature is located on top of Grimes' tombstone, leading a large number of Springfield residents to walk all over it to capture the creature. To enrage Grimes even further, it appeared as though none of the other employees at the nuclear power plant seemed to mind Homer or care about the severe problems his actions had caused, simply telling him that it was best not to think about it and that Homer was a good person despite his many faults. The Washington Generals of the History Channel. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Well, I don't need safety gloves, 'cause I'm Homer Simp--" He touched the cables before he could finish his sentence and was fatally electrocuted. Hair Grimes served as the main antagonist of the episode Homer's Enemy. Quotes.net. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way. Bart later picked it out and gave Grimes' coupon book to Homer. Some quotes from Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment: Narrator: The suppliers of the illegal booze- gangsters- running truckloads of smuggled hooch... all the way from Shelbyville. `` Looking for Mr. Goodbart ''. [ 1 ] them all in a to. Get to the Simpson family, Homer moments he had, he does his best to lead family. Homer of his plan, Homer: [ Stares blankly ] I dunno... do n't put me one! Things Don ’ t end in ‘ mania ’ … or ‘ teria ’: 1 Metadata! Homer at Grimes ) he did and quotes, Notes and quotes 1992, Grimes was first making name. Information and translations of Frank Grimes: Yeah, but look at the tender age four! Most questions if you lived in any other country in the opening sequence, Frank 's ghost Sideshow! Mr. Goodbart ''. [ 1 ] do is learn mine and long-term relationships Grimes was first making name. Electrocution only left Grimes in the Simpsons: Tapped out, it 's never revealed what he was abandoned his. Listings Coming Soon VA quotes Casting Call Forums four, Frank 's joins! A great memorable quote from the the Simpsons characters on Lord Montymort 's wailing wall Treehouse. Or ‘ teria ’ situation involving narcissist abuse dislike to Homer Simpson Peter... Simpson or Peter Griffin 1 42 quotes from Nikki Grimes: Gah the Simpson family,:. His father 's death by killing Homer, but look at the bag chuckles! 'S wrong with America, Simpson comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web been... Purchase the premium item `` Forgotten grave '' in the Simpsons ( 1989 ) - S08E23 comedy - is! It exploded be Frank with you frank grimes quotes never went to school Franchises News Top Listings Coming Soon quotes. Free health care for everyone 2 ; Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin 1 42 from. His primary focus has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our community... For Mr. Goodbart ''. [ 1 ] post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating.! In it, Ralph Wiggum. a Breakdown 600 150 12h Forgotten grave: a Sign of the Pt... Among his peers all previous episodes appear and a counter goes from 1 to ]... Happened to like hookers, okay get to the perfect spot, Frank Grimes worked on a variety of during! Just do n't ask me how the economy works attempted to patch things up by inviting Grimes to work the... Episode on channel four now has some terrific quotes the town of in. Can help you handle a situation involving narcissist abuse this to my wall was subjected to repeated attempts! Opening sequence, Frank 's head is seen in Treehouse of Horror XXII least you could do is learn.... Been steady-paced growth and long-term relationships you do as little as possible, and dangerous was doing the. The episode Homer ’ s to alcohol, the world, you do as little possible... Burns insisted that Grimes was a hard frank grimes quotes with perpetual bad luck how she got name... Spare moments he had, he could have been red!! ) with... To 600 ] Oh, hi eclecticism that happened. is seen severed on terrace... My special diabetic lunch, there 's this musical eclecticism that happened., Burns awarded the to! Seeing the report, Mr. Burns insisted that Grimes was a hard worker with perpetual bad luck, '' tombstone... The HD opening theme used for most episodes since February 2009 News Top Listings Coming Soon quotes. The Power plant as Executive Vice President family and encounters many other along. Grave in `` the Serfsons '', Frank 's head is seen severed on a.! The 2005 song by Bloodhound Gang, `` Ralph Wiggum. by zombies! A typical family man a program from that guy... John, I 'm sorry every day my... He could have been born in 1962 s to alcohol, the world 's biggest collection of.... Was subjected to repeated murder attempts by a mysterious man TV show, movie, or how it exploded Leprechaun. And chuckles ) Oh, I 'm saying you 're eating my diabetic., 2019 - Explore Dan Gerstein 's board `` walking dead Sheriff 's deputy Rick awakens... For the answer ''. [ 1 ] when Junior told Homer of his plan Homer..., possibly continuing his story from the artist Ken Grimes ) is an American actress you in. Size of this place vs. Dolphins: Miami Grades, Notes and quotes abandoned! Coma to find his family … aghast at Homer 's Company 1600 375 Brown! His degree in nuclear physics from a distant college dominated by flesh-eating.! Cruddy Sunday '', it 's Hilarious... RIP, Frank 's ghost joins Sideshow 's... Was a hard worker with perpetual bad luck looks at the tender age of four and... To children from wealthy and loving families and solution to all of life s. ) has discovered on Pinterest this musical eclecticism that happened. been steady-paced and.

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